Consignment Sales Solutions

Advances in electronic technology continue to shorten the lifespan of certain types of electronic components. Nonetheless, viable options exist for companies to achieve maximum asset recovery with minimal inconvenience and loss. The Process of Consignment Sales Solutions is one of these advantageous options.

Financial Advantage of Consignment Sales Solutions

For companies that have the time and patience to enter the Consignment Sales Process, the financial benefits are so much greater than they are with an Outright Purchase Agreement or recycling effort. Since the Consignment Sales Process is organized to occur over an expanse of time, it allows the market to absorb inventory more gradually than with a one-time rush transaction in which the goods are disposed of quickly. This gradual absorption of the product enhances the price point for the transaction.

Essentially, the Consignment Sales Solution can achieve a higher overall dollar value for the sale of the excess inventory that it sells. Since our asset recovery experts can search for the best deal for your excess inventory sale, your profit margin is greater offering you a superior financial advantage.

Consignment Sales Solution Process

Customers wishing to take advantage of the Consignment Sales Process should contact us using the RFQ form or call upon us directly to discuss an agreement. The agreement is a legal contract that must be upheld by all participants. It stipulates the ratio of shared revenue allocation as well as the details relating to the marketing and attempted sale of the property.

Once a shared-revenue agreement is reached and signed by both parties, our asset recovery staff will make the necessary arrangements to market and sell the customer’s surplus goods. We take careful inventory of the merchandise- counting it, inspecting it, and remarking or repackaging it when necessary. Monthly payments can be arranged per the shared-revenue agreement along with detailed consignment reports. Once the customer’s consigned property is sold, EE ALL Parts guarantees that the customer will receive his fair market share (the mutually agreed-upon revenue per the stipulations within the shared-revenue agreement).

The Benefits of Consignment Sales Solutions

Several benefits exist that recommend customers take advantage of the EE ALL Parts Consignment Sales Solution. They include:

Maximized profit
Reduced storage in warehouse facility
No hassles disposing of obsolete or excess inventory
Critical data including the quantity received, quantity pending, quantity sold, and remaining quantity is available at all times
Accessible resources including space, money, and sales associates for new ventures
Free up valuable space and financial assets by allowing EE ALL Parts to manage your Consignment Sales Solution now!