A dedicated product manager is assigned to each of our commodities as part of our organizational strategy. These commodity experts are highly knowledgeable of the products they oversee. Our experts work closely with our sales representatives and purchasing agents to ensure an accurate analysis of our customers’ needs, which is provided in a timely fashion. They assist our customers with pricing, vendor relationships and management, quality issues, product liquidity, market forecasting, and market creation.

Commodity Management: Pricing

Our commodity experts are responsible to provide periodic updates on market trends and commodity pricing to assist EE ALL Parts with our goal of providing exceptional quality and non-counterfeit parts at a good value. Our commodity experts keep their fingers on the pulse of market prices around the world, enabling them to offer our customers a fair and equitable price comparable with the value of the commodities they source from EE ALL Parts. Since our commodity experts are highly skilled at what they do, they can also gauge potential market fluctuations that may lead to altered prices.

Commodity Management: Vendor Relationships and Management

An important facet of the day-to-day work strategy for our commodity experts involves the need to develop and maintain reliable vendor relationships. Additionally, they use their insights on existing market trends to negotiate and influence vendor decisions and relationships.

Commodity Management: Quality

Our commodity experts are well-trained in the techniques needed to identify counterfeit parts from authentic ones. They have exceptional expertise and maintain a close eye on market trends related to non-authentic parts flooding the marketplace. Our experts monitor global markets consistently with an eye on identifying potential quality issues with products before they become a problem.

Commodity Management: Liquidity

Our commodity experts have the skills to track international market conditions regularly so they can judge existing conditions for product liquidity.

Commodity Management: Market Forecasting

Our commodity experts spend considerable time reviewing the transaction patterns of major electronic component suppliers in an effort to gauge the potential for shortages or overstocking of specific components on the market. This skill enables them to advise our customers on related transactions. Customers who wish to improve their own ability to monitor and assess existing market trends can sign up to receive Market Insights our monthly market intelligence report.

Commodity Management: Market Creation

Using their exceptional skills at gauging market trends, our commodity experts search for new markets for your excess inventory on a global basis.