At EE ALL Parts, we credit our success with our employees’ ability to work as a synergic team with a single goal in mind- to be part of the best international open market distributor of electronic components in the world. Of course, this scenario encompasses quite a few different facets of our business including excellent customer service and exceptional quality in our products. Our team of people is a talented group of individuals, each of whom are able to perform their assigned task effortlessly and successfully.

Diverse and Challenging Work Environment

One of the ways that we keep our energetic team on its toes is to maintain a challenging work environment that allows each employee to utilize a number of skills while showcasing his particular talents.

A Look at Our People

Purchasing and Sales Team: Assigned to customer transactions. The Purchasing and Sales Team fosters good customer relationships, focusing on productivity, value, and customer satisfaction. Implementing customization and flexibility into inventory transactions is a critical component of their job.

Logistics and Fulfillment Team: Assigned to the task of arranging timely international and domestic shipments. Each order is reviewed for shipping routs and custom requirements to speed the products to our customers while ensuring value. Our Logistics and Fulfillment Team is assigned the task of ensuring product quality through a series of evaluations that include quality checks, tests, and zero-tolerance assessments.

Product Management Team: Assigned to the task of tracking new developments in the market regarding key product categories. The Product Management Team strives to inform their customers of any changes in the market along with any predictions for future market trends.

Inventory Disposal Team: Assigned to the task of delivering schedules and services implementing flexibility where desirable or possible. The Inventory Disposal Team strives to keep all products secure utilizing data security practices and following all existing environmental compliances. Their efforts are integral to our practice of returning residual value to our customers. Our Inventory Disposal Team is also responsible for handling remarketing opportunities while using the distribution channels set up at EE ALL Parts.

Management Support Team: Assigned to the task of assisting the successful integration and completion of our services including delivery. The Management Support Team is an integral component of our efforts to provide flawless project management, adding value and consistency to each transaction or project at EE ALL Parts.

Our People make EE ALL Parts the success that it is today!