Component inventory continues to experience a shortened lifespan year after year as new technology emerges creating obsolete parts. This shortened lifespan can significantly affect your bottom line. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to remarket your obsolete/excess components and materials through three individual strategies including: an outright purchasing solution, a consignment sales solution, and a revenue share solution.

Each of these solutions offers companies with excess stock an opportunity to sidestep plummeting market values while recouping much of their initial financial outlay. EE ALL Parts has the resources and creative solutions to market your excess inventory and sell it with a positive return on your capital. Our solutions are available to Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and contract manufacturing service providers.

Outright Purchasing Solution

An outright purchasing solution is the most expedient solution for the disposal of your excess inventory supplies. It offers the benefits of an immediate payment without the need to recycle or process scrap parts. There is no inconvenience attached to this strategy whatsoever.

Once a customer submits his list of materials, EE ALL Parts evaluates the list and makes a fair price offer based upon the results of its evaluation. The inventory’s current market value is taken into consideration along with the potential to market these materials. EE ALL Parts handles the purchase order and arranges for a swift transfer of the excess materials.

EE ALL Parts Consignment Sales Solution

A consignment solution for your excess inventory offers you the opportunity to receive mutually-agreed upon proceeds once we market and sell your components. A shared-revenue agreement must be signed by both parties and the proceeds are distributed according to the stipulations within the shared-revenue agreement. Due to our proprietary knowledgebase and professional sales staff, EE ALL Parts ensures that you receive a fair market share on the sale. Under our Consignment Sales Solution, EE ALL Parts markets and sells your excess inventory as agreed within the contract.

EE ALL Parts Potential Revenue Share Solution

Under this strategy, EE ALL Parts takes responsibility for your inventory including title and ownership. In return, you receive proceeds from the sale according to the stipulations of the shared-revenue agreement signed prior to the exchange.

Benefits of Excess Inventory Management

Several benefits accrue as the result of the excess inventory management solutions offered through EE ALL Parts. They include:

Reduced storage
Reduced Administrative and Overhead costs
Maximum return on the investment
Please contact us for more information on any of these solutions.