EE ALL Parts Quality Policy

EE All Parts has a strong commitment to quality as evidenced by the dependable quality policy that it has established. It is based upon a strong desire to improve the company and its services for the benefit of its employees as well as its customers. We are dedicated to the provision of quality products supplied with quality service. In our effort to become your primary independent distributor, we promise to provide the highest level of service and quality inventory.

Our Commitment to Quality Parts

EE ALL Parts has a strong commitment to provide only quality parts. This requires us to be vigilant in combating counterfeit parts, especially in a business environment where such parts are becoming more commonplace. We value our company name and therefore, we strive to maintain the highest standard for the parts that we provide to our customer base.

We have certain policies in place to prevent counterfeit parts from becoming part of our supply. Additionally, we strive to avoid parts having poor quality from entering into our supply. As a result, EE ALL Parts has a specific set of standards set in place to safeguard the quality of our items.

Quality Policy Components Regarding Customer Needs

EE ALL Parts has a three-fold quality policy that is designed to meet the needs of our customers. This policy includes the following three facets:

We aim to understand what our customers need and expect from us.
We strive to meet those expectations at all times.
We work to continually improve our working procedures to improve upon and exceed the expectations of our customer base.

Quality Customers Deserve

Part of our Quality Policy is to provide each of our customers with excellent service from the beginning stages of the transaction until the final stage. We provide:

a knowledgeable sales representative who handles the transaction professionally
exceptional customer support
flexibility in resolving any situation that arises
the highest standard of quality parts available

EE ALL Parts Quality Policy is a Team Effort

Each of our employees contributes to the Quality Policy that we have set in place. Our company is based upon team effort that has one focus as its goal, the satisfaction of our clientele. Naturally, this customer satisfaction is achieved through a continuous effort to enhance our working relationship while maintaining synergic interaction among our employees.