Many manufacturers and companies find themselves in a position where their inventory becomes stagnant, and they are left with excess parts that don’t sell. This situation arises primarily because of the swiftness with which technological changes occur in the electronics industry. Arranging an Outright Purchase Agreement is often the most expedient solution to dispose of excess parts while realizing a financial benefit.

Our strong sales force makes it possible for us to move our products successfully giving us that ability to offer our customers an opportunity to free up their space and relieve their financial burden. Our goal is to design an excess inventory solution that works for your timetable. We have the warehouse space to accommodate excess inventory and the flexibility to arrange to purchase your stock quickly. Whether you are looking to turn over customer returns, obsolete components, or surplus stock, EE ALL Parts can design an excess inventory solution that adheres to global standards while resolving your problem.

Why Use EE ALL Parts for Outright Purchase Agreements?

As an international open market distributor of electronic components, EE ALL Parts is poised to complete Outright Purchase Agreements swiftly, efficiently, and successfully for all involved parties. Reasons why your company should use our company to move your excess stock include:

Financial Strength: EE ALL Parts has the financial backing it needs to complete large financial transactions.
Warehouse Space: Our facilities can accommodate large inventory supplies.
Company Expertise: Our sales and management forces are well-equipped to deal with excess inventory.
Logistics expertise: Our experience allows us to handle excess inventory shipments without any glitches.
Marketing Expertise: Our knowledgeable staff has their fingers on the pulse of the electronic components market allowing them to offer you a fair price for your excess inventory. Our staff defines targeted market areas with a demand for product.

The Benefits of Outright Purchase Agreements

Several benefits exist for our customers who make the decision to follow through with an Outright Purchase Agreement. They include:

Maximize cash flow
Immediate payment for excess inventory supplies
A convenient and simple transfer process
No need to recycle excess stock or assign it to the scrap pile
Freeing up of essential warehouse space
Allow EE ALL Parts to work with you on your individual business objectives. Your timetable is our timetable when it comes to your needs regarding
Outright Purchase Agreements.