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As one of the largest open-market global distributors of electronic components, EE ALL Parts offers multiple career opportunities. In the first 12 years of our existence, we surpassed our own expectations. Based in the city of Irvine in California, EE ALL Parts is looking to expand and continue its growth. The company is searching for enthusiastic individuals who want to join us on this path of success.

Are You Up for a Job at EE ALL Parts?
Since the market for electronic components is one that experiences great fluctuations, individuals who apply for a job at EE ALL Parts should be energetic, flexible, smart, and able to change easily. They should also possess good communication skills along with a strong desire to provide their best work at all times with a strong focus on providing excellent customer service at all levels of the business.

Our employees are part of a synergic team that does its best work together relying on each member of the chain to perform his task successfully and on time. EE ALL Parts is looking for dedicated employees who can react quickly while being sensitive to the demands and fluctuations of the electronic components market as well as the needs of our customer base.

Individuals who are interested in careers at EE ALL Parts should be able to function as part of a well-orchestrated team as well as having the ability to work on an independent and individual level. Careers at EE ALL Parts are demanding and require a high level of energy, a desire to function as a team member, and an ability to think fast. Emerging market trends are swift and don’t last long. A career in the electronic component industry is one that will keep you alert and on your toes. If you think you are a good fit for our company, contact us now.

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