An Asset Recovery Solution enables companies to receive the best possible ROI (Return on Investment) for their excess inventory. The convenience of having someone else do the legwork for you is one of the merits of using an outside company to conduct your asset recovery solution. Remarketing electronic components is an involved process that is best handled by specialists, such as an Asset Recovery Team, trained to deal with it. Asset recovery programs are easy to arrange, flexible enough to allow additional inventory to be included, and profitable.

What Factors Determine the Value of Excess Electronic Components?

Our Asset Recovery Solutions are designed to bring our customers the best possible price point for their excess product. The value of excess electronic components is determined by a number of varied factors including:

The age of the electronic components
Global supply and demand market for the electronic components
Geographic location of the inventory
Quality of the electronic components
Quantity of the electronic components
Physical condition of the electronic components
Manufacturer of the electronic components
Model type and details of the electronic components

What Services Does EE ALL Parts Provide?

As a full-service electronic components company, EE ALL Parts provides the following services to CEMs and OEMs:

Customizable solutions for individualized needs
Global marketing of all consignments
Remarketing/repackaging of hard-to-sell components
Real-time visibility of inventory and sales
Detailed reporting of all transactions
Access to documentation regarding component transactions

Primary Benefit of Asset Recovery

Our Asset Recovery Solutions are designed primarily to turn a company’s excess inventory/obsolete components into cash assets reflected on the company’s bottom line.

What Type of Asset Recovery Solutions Are Available?

Our asset recovery solutions are customizable so that they meet the specific needs of each of our customers. EE ALL Parts offers several different asset recovery solutions, all of which are aimed at providing a convenient method for recouping financial assets and valuable warehouse space. Our general programs include: Consignment Sales Solutions, Outright Purchase Agreements, and Volume Purchase agreements. Whether you are looking for a real-time transaction or want to arrange future consignments, EE ALL Parts is poised to accept your request per an arranged agreement.

What Makes EE ALL Parts Different Than Other Companies?

EE ALL Parts is experienced and knowledgeable in transactions dealing with electronic components. Add to that our skillful ability to remarket inventory on a global basis, commitment to the rules of compliance, experienced staff, extensive proprietary database of customers, and robust state-of-the-art tools, and we provide the best possible scenario for companies looking to remarket their obsolete or excess electronic component inventory.