As part of our Quality Management Process, our Quality Process has been carefully plotted to provide the most consistent results in regard to our quality parts, quality customer service, and overall quality management. We consider our Quality Process to be one of the finest in the electronics industry. Our Quality Metrics Policy is designed to assist our company in maintaining our Quality Process and promise to our customers to provide a quality product with quality service.

EE ALL Parts Quality Process

All of our products must meet or exceed our expectations when it comes to quality. We have orchestrated a thorough process that is standardized within our facilities to ensure only the highest quality for the components we process and ship. Each product must go through a standardized process designed to authenticate it prior to processing for shipping. Our individualized quality control is designed to assist our employees in authenticating our products while allowing them to meet a near perfect accuracy rate for shipments.

“Well-trained employees plus quality products plus a refined quality process equals a well-satisfied customer.”

Our employees go through rigorous training to enable them to accurately confirm and authenticate the product’s quality. Our reference library of component images is essential in this process. It stores an amazing array of component images that are used to identify authentic parts, counterfeit parts, and remanufactured parts. This library of images is essential to our quality process as it aids our employees in making pivotal determinations as to the authenticity of a component. Without it, our task of providing quality products to our customers would be that much more difficult. Our systematic practices over the years have made it possible for us to source our products with confidence.

EE ALL Parts Quality Metrics

In order to uphold and maintain our commitment to exceptional customer service, we conduct routine measurements on our processes and outputs. Our Quality Metrics Review Process is essential in meeting our annual goals of achieving customer satisfaction while enhancing the growth of our company. The metrics we measure include:

Number of customer orders
Line items shipped
Number of supplier purchase orders
Number of line items rejected
Total ppm rejected by customers
Ppm rejected upon inspection
Number of customer returns
Reasons for returns
Total quantity of items shipped versus total quantity of items returned
Dollar value of customer RMAs as a percentage of total customer sales